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need a hand building toys or furniture?

we can help!

Quotes will be based on the manufacturer's stated assembly time if available. Items will be assembled as depicted on the packaging. Any modifications may be subject to an additional fee. There are no painting or repair services available. Free pickup and delivery (smaller items) or home assembly service (larger items) within 25 miles of Thousand Oaks, CA. Beyond that, items will have to be shipped by customer and the completed item shipping will be included in the quote. Home assembly may have an additional charge beyond 25 miles. It is recommended that smaller items to be assembled be shipped directly to us during online purchase.

Please include a photo of what needs to be assembled and your location.

John Eslick is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He also works as a professional Model Maker, having worked for several special effects companies, as well as for the Dimensional Design Department of Walt Disney Imagineering. John also creates theatrical set design and is a production designer for movies.

He is the owner of Slick Artwork, which produces handmade shadowbox dioramas of TV show sets. You can see his work at www.slickartwork.com.

Ever see those neat miniature kits advertised on Facebook but don’t have the time or patience to assemble them?

Or perhaps a piece of assemble-yourself furniture, or a toy with an overwhelming number of pieces?

 Let an experienced builder BUILD 4 U! We know our way around a hex key and an instruction manual.

We can put together anything you need assembling, including:

 Miniature decorative pieces/mechanical toys (book nooks, etc.)
Brick toys (Lego, Mega Bloks, etc.)
Metal mechanical toys (Meccano, Erector set, etc.)
Plastic or wooden model kits (pre-painted only)
Toy sets (Playmobil, Fisher-Price, etc.)

Furniture (Ikea, Sauder, etc.)

Outdoor items (BBQ grill, playhouses, patio furniture, etc.)

Indoor items (exercise equipment, game tables, etc.)